Annual Events

Mazu FestivalHere at Yokohama Chinatown, we host an annual celebration dedicated to our Holy Mother Mazu on spring equinox. Lion dance and traditional Chinese performances are offered to the goddess to bring safety and prosperity to our community.
Pray For a Good MatchJuly 7 is the day we pray to Yue Lao, The Old Man Under the Moon to bring forth a loving, lasting marriage as well as fruitful relationships in all aspects of life.
New Year’s Eve CountdownDecember 31 countdown to midnight and we start the New Year with a bang! Firecrackers and lively Lion dance moves throughout Yokohama Chinatown to welcome the New Year.
Chinese New YearJanuary 1 of the Chinese lunar calendar typically corresponds to a date in February on the western calendar. On the eve of Chinese New Year, we seek protection from Mazu for a safe year ahead by walking under our Heavenly Mother’s palanquin to ward off evil.

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